Dan is a Pop Culture and Realism tattooist that has been tattooing for around 8 years. Originally from a small central Victorian town, he moved to Geelong for university, then on to a couple of different industries in his early 20’s including a Trade and a Personal Trainer before settling into tattooing at the age of 28.

Melbourne is where Dan cut his teeth as a tattooist, working in 2 other local studio’s before settling in with the Black Mark team in July 2017. He has also spent a lot of time travelling to and from Adelaide to tattoo, gaining experience while learning from some of Adelaide’s finest artists and continuing to improve his skills. When he can, Dan also likes to travel interstate and internationally for a number of guest spots and conventions each year.

Dan likes to think he is a bit of a closet nerd, but it doesn’t take long to figure out he is 100% a nerd and loves to spend time talking all things pop culture with his customers and anyone else who loves to chat about movies, tv shows, music and musicians, art and artists, comics, cartoons, anime, video games and especially Star Wars. It goes without saying these are all the things he loves most to tattoo but he also likes to be as diverse as possible and tries to work across most styles.

When Dan isn’t nerding out over pop culture you will find him playing music or out at a golf club somewhere pretending he knows what he is doing, watching the NBA or something off a pretty long list of sports he loves, or playing music.